What is a FEX?

... someone who is very enthusiastic about something!
Noun, masculine [der] | >South German - Austrian<

The "Bergfex" is probably a household name. But what is a FEX actually? A FEX is constantly on the lookout for new challenges and goals. To achieve them, he knows his strengths, but he also knows that together we are much stronger.
Where others see no way out, he sees a new chance to prove himself
Chance to prove himself. Because what he does is more than just a hobby, a passion,
a profession. It is his calling.

That is a Fex.
And Fex is us.  
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What is a FEX

It's a Fex.
And Fex are us.  
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FEX - Our Employer Brand
Our employee brand

We have been in the fortunate position of having established a core team for several years now! Many employees have been part of our large Höflehner family for over 5 years and will hopefully remain so for a long time to come!

Together as a team we ensure a carefree, relaxing stay for our guests. We convince with service and quality and are happy to provide smiling advice and assistance not only to our guests, but also to our new colleagues.